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40 x 40 

Black wood floater frame

The Snowy Egret - the Great Egret - Snowy Heron - Egreta thula

There are many names for this stunning, tall, long-legged, wading bird with a dagger-like bill. One must love the immaculate white plumage and fancy yellow party feet that are great for stirring up small aquatic animals for lunch.

Their mating plumage of long filmy feathers became a fashion must-have for hats and stoles in the late 1800's and cost more per ounce than gold. Early conservationists at the beginning of the 20th century protested to stop the plunder and were successful in this early conservation effort. The beauties are now found in abundance in many coastal locations in North, Central, and South America as well as inland. How wonderful that they are a common sight and are indicators of habitat health!

To read John James Audubon's notes from c. 1833 visit the link below....beware...he tasted them and more.

Materials: 16mm Habotai high quality silk, varnished on to 1 3/4" gallery canvas.  "Gotcha!!" is enhanced by a beautiful solid wood black floater frame

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